Ultra light thermal sleeping bag, for survival, camping, hiking

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  • You do not want to wear on the back 3 kg of sleeping bag?

    I am like you ! If the big sleeping bags do not bother me when I go camping with my car, it's not the same for wild camping, survival, especially when you walk a lot

    If you want to find a light and easy to carry model, here is the ultra light thermal sleeping bag. The ultra light thermal sleeping bag 1.3kg is the model that follows me for 2 years now in my trips in survival, camping. It weighs only 1.3 kg, it is slightly heavier than the gourd in my backpack.

    I am very satisfied with its results when temperatures go down. I have already used it at 23°F and night comfort was there. Even if the bag is light, it keeps a good thickness for the night. So you can lie on the floor without finishing the next day with a big backache. It's always more pleasant.

    Quality materials guarantee a long life

    Quick storage and folding

    High resistance to cold 


      Weight: 400g-700g-1000g-1300g-1600g

      Seize: 210*80*50cm

      Season: Fall,Winter

      Material: 400T 20D Nylon

    Comfortable Temparature: 

      400g: 32°F~50°F

      700g: 23°F~41°F

      1000g: 14°F~32°F

      1300g: 5°F~23°F

      1600g: -4°F~14°F

    Limit Temperature:

      400g: 26°F~37°F

      700g: 17°F~32°F

      1000g: 8°F~26°F

      1300g: -4°F~17°F

      1600g: 22°F~5°F

    Packed size:

      400g: 28*17cm

      700g: 30*20cm

      1000g: 32*21cm

      1300g: 35*21cm

      1600g: 38*22cm


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