Headlamp black on the white backround

Headlamp of camping, survival LED autonomy 12h

  • $24.00

For your well-being and your comfort in survival or camping, good lighting is essential !

For a proximity lighting on your camp, in survival, camping or hiking this headlamp will be greatly effective. It will allow you to light up to 50 meters and a autonomy of 12 hours. Compact and light you can take it everywhere without constraints while always having hands free.

→ Long-distance lighting

→ Excellent autonomy

→ Free hand and comfortable


  Weight: 70g

  Seize: 4 x 5 x 5,5cm

  Light Source: LED Bulbs

  Autonomy: 12h

  Lighting area: 50m

  Wattage: 1W

  Battery Type: Lithium Ion

  Battery: Built-in


Supplied with:

  Charger, Head band

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