Mountaineering backpack, and climbing, 40L

  • $44.00

Ideal for small mountain hikes or daily activities. It's a simple model with maximum comfort, exceptional ventilation and practical features.

This backpack offers expetional comfort, wide straps and well padded belts unload your shoulders from part of the weight of your during bag your exepditions.

The surface in contact with the back does not retain sweat or moisture and gives you a comfortable feeling throughout the day. With a capacity of 40 litres, ideal for carrying all your necessities for a day.

→ Ultra durable and comfortable

→ Spacious 

→ Light


  Weight: 700g

  Seize 50*32cm

  Capacity: 40L 

  Backpacks Type: Softback

  Material: Polyester

  Function: Climbing,Camping,Survival...


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